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Wolfpack Pentathletes Set New Meet and Club Records at Third Annual Laser-Run Event

Wolfpack Pentathletes had some excellent performances at the 2021 (Third Annual) Wolfpack All-Comer Track Meet and Laser-Run, held at Independence High School in San Jose, CA, on November 7, 2021.

Laser-Run Events

In the 2 x 400 Open Laser-Run Relay (all ages), Pablo Borceguin and his partner Brighton Nguyen took first place, just missing the meet record. They were followed by Kirt Iverson and Roger Dix in second place and Jeffery Deslich and Erik Brown in third place. Iver Iverson and Chance Moon finished in seventh place and Connor Moon and Hope Moon finished in eighth place.

Pablo Borceguin also won the 2 x 400 Open Laser-Run (all ages) with a new meet record of 3:21.51 and Brighton Nguyen also won the U17 Boys (3 x 400) Laser-Run.

Hope Moon won the U11 Girls Open / Elite Laser-Run (2 x 400) and Iver Iverson won the U11 Open / Elite Laser-Run (2 x 400), setting a new meet record of 4:24.63.

Neallie Gillis-Pade won the U13 Girls Open Laser-Run (3 x 400).

Jeffery Deslich won the Masters Men 50+ Open Laser-Run, the Masters Men 60+ Open Laser-Run (2 x 400), and the Masters Men 60+ Elite Laser-Run (3 x 400).

Kirt Iverson won the Masters Men 40+ Open Laser-Run (3 x 400), the Masters Men 40+ Elite Laser-Run (4 x 400), and the Masters Men 50+ Elite Laser-Run (3 x 400).

Marylin DeMoraes won the Seniors Women Open Laser-Run (4 x 400).

Track Events

Marylin DeMoraes won the 800-Meter Run (Open Women) with a time of 3:25.13. Aya Gillis-Pade took second place with a time of 3:32.46.

Pablo Borceguin won the 1-Mile Run (Open Men) with a time of 5:00.65.

Rene Felix won the 2-Mile Run (Open Men) for the second year in a row. His time was 11:25.91. Brighton Nguyen took third place with a time of 12:00.66.

Kira Bardin won the 1500-Meter Race Walk, setting a new meet record of 13:34.45, joined by Wesley the Bernadoodle.

For videos of a few of the races, see the Wolfpack Pentathlon Club YouTube page:

The official results have been posted on

The official results have also been posted on the Event web site:

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Here is the start of the 800-Meter Run at the 2021 Wolfpack All-Comer Track Meet and Laser-Run