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Fourteen Meet Records Set on Opening Day of the 2020 Wolfpack Virtual Laser-Run

On Opening Day of the 2020 Wolfpack Virtual Laser-Run, an official Team USA event, Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Members set 14 new meet records, 12 of which remained standing at the end of the day.

In the Senior Men (Ages 21+) Standard Laser-Run (4 x 400), nine race results were submitted, making it the most popular event of the day.

First, Roy Michael Reyes beat his own meet record from last year, posting a time of 7:15.xx. Then, Kirt Iverson established a new meet record of 6:57.80. Finally, Pablo Borceguin established yet another new meet record of 6:27.87. Pablo’s record survived until the end of the day, making him the current meet record holder.

Pablo Borceguin faced off against Rene Felix on the laser-range during his record-setting performance in the Senior Men Standard Laser-Run event.

Here is a list of all of the Wolfpack Pentathlon Club members who hold new meet records:

  • Reid Bardin
    • U13 Boys Standard/Elite Laser-Run (3 x 400) — 8:43.14
  • Kira Bardin
    • U15 Girls Standard Laser-Run (3 x 400) — 7:50.74
  • Alice Twu
    • Senior Women (Ages 21+) Standard Laser-Run (4 x 400) — 8:43.14
  • Pablo Borceguin
    • Senior Men (Ages 21+) Elite Laser-Run (4 x 800) — 13:34.06
    • Senior Men (Ages 21+) Standard Laser-Run (4 x 400) — 6:27.87
  • Dr. Jeanette Lee
    • Masters Women 50+ Elite Laser-Run (3 x 400) — 8:28.71
    • Masters Women 50+ Standard Laser-Run (2 x 400) — 4:49.81
  • Kirt Iverson
    • Masters Men 50+ Elite Laser-Run (3 x 400) — 5:42.36
    • Masters Men 40+ Standard Laser-Run (3 x 400 ) — 5:13.20
    • Masters Men 50+ Standard Laser-Run (2 x 400) — 3:21.60
  • Jeffery Deslich
    • Masters Men 60+ Elite Laser-Run (3 x 400) — 7:51.66
    • Masters Men 60+ Standard Laser-Run (2 x 400) — 5:04.99

UIPM Puts on First-Ever Home Laser-Run Competition

The first-ever Home Laser-Run competition was put on by the UIPM on May 4-7, 2020. It was an exciting world-wide event that included qualifying rounds and finals in every age group, with the finals being live-streamed on UIPM TV on May 7.

Coach Kirt Iverson competed in the event as one of the only masters participants from the USA, taking 17th out of 35 in the male 40-59 qualifying rounds.

See the results here:

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Establishes Slew of Laser-Run Meet and Club Records

At the first annual Wolfpack All-Comer Track Meet and Laser-Run, held at Westmont High School in Campbell, CA, on November 24, 2019, Wolfpack Pentathlon Club members helped set the bar high for next year’s event. For a current list of meet records, see For a current list of club records, see

These were some of the Wolfpack Pentathlon Club volunteers and participants at the 2019 Wolfpack All-Comer Track Meet and Laser-Run.

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club to Put On All-Comer Laser-Run Event on 11/24/2019 in Campbell, CA

Laser range (expandable to 12 targets) — CHECK

Audio system — CHECK

Podium — CHECK

Photographer — CHECK (thank you Roy Michael Reyes)

All systems are go for the 2019 Wolfpack All-Comer Track Meet and Laser-Run, which will be held on Sunday, November 24, at Westmont High School in Campbell, CA. This even is suitable for all-comers of any age, gender, and ability–with no previous experience needed.

Sign up here:

For more information, see the event web site:

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Continues Preparations to Host NorCal Laser-Run Championships

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club continued its preparations to host the NorCal Laser-Run Championships, putting on a second informal Laser-Run demonstration at Live Oak Park on Saturday, October 12.

The portable shooting range now includes four shooting stations and is expandable to eight shooting stations with two reserve stations.

UPDATE: Check the team calendar for dates of upcoming events, including our informal practice events!

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Puts on Demonstration Laser-Run Event in Santa Clara, CA

On Sunday, September 22, 2019, Wolfpack Pentathlon Club put on a demonstration Laser-Run event at Live Oak Park in Santa Clara, CA. Wolfpack Pentathlon Club’s portable shooting range allows for head-to-head competition and can be set up almost anywhere in less than an hour. Neighborhood kids and adults had a blast competing against each other on this 200-meter grass course. Check out one of the races here: