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Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Members Win Across Age Divisions at USA Pentathlon Multisport Qualifier #1

Neallie Gillis-Pade wins first place in the U13 female division at USAPM Qualifier #1 on October 23, 2021, in Davis, CA.

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club had three winners in the Youth divisions and three winners in the Masters divisions, in addition to podium and other finishers across all divisions, at USA Pentathlon Multisport (USAPM) Qualifier #1, held on October 23, 2021, in Davis, CA.

In the Youth divisions, Iver Iverson, current National Champion in the U13 division, won the U11 male division; Neallie Gillis-Pade won the U13 female division; and Siddant Swaminathan won the U15 male division.

In the Masters divisions, Casten Riepling won the 40+ male tetrathlon, Kirt Iverson won the 50+ male pentathlon, and Jeffrey Deslich won the 60+ male tetrathlon.

Amber LeCount, competing in her first-ever Modern Pentathlon, finished in 9th place in the Seniors (22+) female division, scoring 742 points (210 fencing, 292 points horse jumping, 65 points swimming, and 175 points laser-run).

In the Seniors (22+) male division, Kirt Iverson finished in 7th place, scoring 794 points (241 fencing, 0 horse jumping (DQ), 225 swimming, and 328 in laser-run); Casten Riepling finished in 8th place, scoring 715 points (196 fencing, 0 horse jumping (DNS), 142 swimming, and 378 laser-run); and Dylan Dullea finished in 11th place, scoring 366 points (142 fencing, 0 horse jumping (DNS), 0 swimming, and 224 laser-run).

Additionally, Marilyn DeMoraes took second place in the masters 30+ female tetrathlon, scoring 374 points (130 fencing, 0 swimming (DNS), and 244 laser-run) and Dr. Jeanette Lee took second-place in the 50+ female tetrathlon.