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Five Wolfpack Pentathletes Become Champions at the First Annual Wolfpack Regional Pentathlon

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club members dominated across age divisions at the First Annual Wolfpack Regional Pentathlon, which was held on May 9, 2021, at Palo Alto High School in Palo Alto, CA, and Isola Riding Academy in Portola Valley, CA.

In the Youth divisions, Kira Bardin (age 13) was the champion of the Juniors, U19, U17, and U15 female divisions of the Modern Pentathlon and Iver Iverson was the champion of the Modern Pentathlon in the U11 male division.

In the swimming event Kira swam 100 meters in 1:42.03 (converted from short course yards), finishing second overall across all Youth female divisions, and scoring 206 points.

In the fencing event, Kira took second place across all Youth female divisions. And, as the only youth competitor in the riding event, Kira took first place across all Youth divisions and earned 266 points. In the Laser-Run event, Kira ran 2 x 800 meters and cleared 2 x 5 hits at a 10-meter target in a time of 8:59, winning the U15 female division.

Kira’s totals of 1127 points in the U15 female division and 500 points in the Juniors, U19, and U17 divisions were enough to secure her victory across all of those divisions.

Iver Iverson won the U11 male swimming event, swimming 50 meters (converted from short course yards) in 0:48.37, earning 244 points. Iver scored 194 points in the fencing event, winning the U11 male division (uncontested). Iver also won the U11 male laser-run event, running 1 x 400 and clearing 5 hits at a 5-meter target in a time of 2:24, earning 596 points. Iver’s total of 1034 points was enough for him to secure his victory over three other competitors in the U11 male division.

In the Seniors Male division, Kirt Iverson won the Modern Pentathlon, scoring 1196 points (266 fencing, 217 swimming, 300 riding, and 413 laser-run). He also secured wins across the Masters 30+, 40+, and 50+ divisions, scoring 1354 points in those divisions (266 fencing, 248 swimming, 300 riding, and 540 laser-run).

Jeanette Lee won the Modern Pentathlon in the Masters 50+ female division, scoring 471 points (202 fencing, 151 swimming, and 118 laser-run). Jeanette also took first place in the Seniors female fencing event.

Jeffery Deslich won the Modern Pentathlon in the Masters 60+ male division, scoring 763 points (202 fencing, 218 swimming, and 343 laser-run).

For complete results, including results for Modern Tetrathlon and individual events across all divisions, see the results page here: