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Kirt Iverson and Mary Zoldak Take Sixth Place for Team USA in the Mixed Relay at the 2022 NORCECA Modern Pentathlon Championships

Kirt Iverson and Mary Zoldak took sixth place for Team USA out of 11 teams in the mixed relay at the 2022 NORCECA Modern Pentathlon Championships, which were held on August 16-21, 2022, in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The relay course for the horse jumping consisted of three combinations, each with different spacing and each ending with an oxer jump. The jumps of the first combination were set at 0.85 meters (~2′ 8″) and the jumps of the second and third combination were set at 0.9 meters (~3′).

Mary helps Kirt check the tack on Patica.
Kirt walks Patica into the warmup arena.
Mary walks Turca into the warmup arena.
Mary jumps the oxer at the end of the first combination.
Mary hands off to Kirt in the exchange box.
Kirt jumps over the first jump of the last combination.
Kirt and Mary celebrate a successful ride.

Kirt and Mary scored 284 points in the horse jumping event, having one seven-point penalty for a knockdown and nine points in time penalties. Their score placed them into fifth place out of the 11 teams after the horse jumping.

In fencing, Kirt and Mary tied for last in the ranking round, but won two rounds in the bonus round, finishing in 9th place.

Mary helps Team USA win two bouts in the bonus round.
Kirt and Mary celebrate two wins in the fencing bonus round.

In swimming, Kirt and Mary were in last place; and in the laser-run, Kirt and Mary beat one team from the bunch start, finishing in 10th place.

Mary was in the mix in the bunch start of the laser-run.
Mary kept Team USA in contention in the laser-run.
Kirt caught and passed one team in the laser-run.
Kirt and Mary celebrate a successful mixed relay competition for Team USA.

Despite lower ranks in the fencing, swimming, and laser-run, Mary and Kirt only dropped one place during the day, holding on to sixth place for Team USA out of the 11 teams–mostly because of their successful ride at the start of the day.

Overall, it was a successful result for Team USA at this important international event. Here’s the order of finish by the countries represented: (1) Guatemala, (2) Argentina, (3) Mexico, (4) Cuba, (5) Dominican Republic, (6) USA, (7) Ecuador, (8) Venezuela, (9) Mixed 1, (10) Mixed 2, (11) Mixed 3.