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Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Trains at Golden Gate Fencing Center

On Sunday, December 15, 2019, six members of Wolfpack Pentathlon Club (Roy, Oliver, Marie, Ivy, Iver, and Kirt) attended a Modern-Pentathlon-specific fencing training session for beginners at Golden Gate Fencing Center (GGFC).

Three coaches, including Maureen Griffin, provided information on basic techniques, including taking control of the movement, using the “stop sign,” and using feel to judge distance to opponents.

Participants then competed in a round-robin tournament of one-touch bouts, with Oliver, Roy, and Kirt tying for first place.

Our next training session is scheduled for 1/11 or 1/12 at GGFC. Please contact Coach Kirt if you would like to join us!

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club is training at Golden Gate Fencing Center!