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Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Members Take Evaluation Lesson at Isola Stables in Portola Valley, CA

On Saturday, February 1, 2020, five members of Wolfpack Pentathlon Club–Dr. Jeanette Lee, Kirt Iverson, Ivy Iverson, Roy Michael Reyes, and Mona Leon (pictured below from left to right)–took a 30-minute evaluation lesson with Andrea Young at Isola Stables in Portola Valley, CA.

If you are interested in joining us for beginner group rides over the next couple of months, please contact Andrea at Isola Riding Academy and schedule your evaluation lesson ($75) as soon as possible!

See for more information.

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Wins Multiple Awards at Placer County Pentathlon

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club had a good showing at the Placer County Pentathlon on Sunday, January 26, 2020. Ivy Iverson scored the second-highest number of Pentathlon points of all competitors at the event and won the U11 girls division (uncontested). Iver Iverson took second-place in the U11 Boys division. Kirt Iverson took third in the Senior (21-39) division and second in the Masters 50+ division. Oliver Iverson won the U15 Boys division (uncontested) after winning the swim and doing well in fencing. Roy Reyes had the fastest time in the Laser-Run out of all competitors and completed the swim for the first time!

Oliver Iverson scored 205 points in the fencing event, setting a new Wolfpack Pentathon Club record.

Ivy Iverson Wins U11 Division at USA Pentathlon Olympic Qualifier #2

At age 9, Ivy Iverson was the youngest competitor at the USA Pentathlon Qualifier #2, winning her U11 age division by default.

As she is not yet certified to compete in the equestrian discipline, Ivy competed in four of the five disciplines, a tetrathlon consisting of swimming, fencing, running, and laser-pistol shooting.

Ivy earned 567 Modern Pentathlon points, including 159 points for the swim (3:15.90 for 200-meters), 124 points for fencing, and 284 points for laser-run (16:56.00).

The event was held at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo on Saturday, 1/18/2020, and was the second of two qualifiers for the U.S. World Cup team. The top four competitors after the qualifiers will go on to compete at the Modern Pentathlon World Cup for a chance to represent Team USA at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Ivy Iverson competes in the Laser-Run at the end of the USA Pentathlon Qualifier #2 event.
Ivy receives helpful advice from elite fencer Naomi Ross during the USA Pentathlon Qualifier #2 event.

Ivy scores one of a handful of double touches during the fencing event of the USA Pentathlon Qualifier #2 event.

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Trains at Golden Gate Fencing Center

On Sunday, December 15, 2019, six members of Wolfpack Pentathlon Club (Roy, Oliver, Marie, Ivy, Iver, and Kirt) attended a Modern-Pentathlon-specific fencing training session for beginners at Golden Gate Fencing Center (GGFC).

Three coaches, including Maureen Griffin, provided information on basic techniques, including taking control of the movement, using the “stop sign,” and using feel to judge distance to opponents.

Participants then competed in a round-robin tournament of one-touch bouts, with Oliver, Roy, and Kirt tying for first place.

Our next training session is scheduled for 1/11 or 1/12 at GGFC. Please contact Coach Kirt if you would like to join us!

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club is training at Golden Gate Fencing Center!

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Establishes Slew of Laser-Run Meet and Club Records

At the first annual Wolfpack All-Comer Track Meet and Laser-Run, held at Westmont High School in Campbell, CA, on November 24, 2019, Wolfpack Pentathlon Club members helped set the bar high for next year’s event. For a current list of meet records, see For a current list of club records, see

These were some of the Wolfpack Pentathlon Club volunteers and participants at the 2019 Wolfpack All-Comer Track Meet and Laser-Run.

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club to Put On All-Comer Laser-Run Event on 11/24/2019 in Campbell, CA

Laser range (expandable to 12 targets) — CHECK

Audio system — CHECK

Podium — CHECK

Photographer — CHECK (thank you Roy Michael Reyes)

All systems are go for the 2019 Wolfpack All-Comer Track Meet and Laser-Run, which will be held on Sunday, November 24, at Westmont High School in Campbell, CA. This even is suitable for all-comers of any age, gender, and ability–with no previous experience needed.

Sign up here:

For more information, see the event web site:

Iver Iverson Wins Bronze Medal in Biathle Boys U9 Event on Last Day of World Championships

Iver Iverson won the bronze medal in the Biathle Boys U9 event on the last day of the 2019 UIPM Biathle / Triathle World Championships, bringing Wolfpack Pentathlon Club’s final medal count to three.

Kirt Iverson took fifth-place in the Biathle Men Masters 40+ event, missing the podium by 60 seconds.

Heidi Hendrick, Iver Iverson, Ivy Iverson, Samantha Achterberg, and Kirt Iverson helped represent Team USA at the 2019 UIPM Biathle / Triathle World Championships

Two Medals Hauled In by Wolfpack Pentathlon Club at Third Day of Biathle / Triathle World Championships

At the third day of the 2019 UIPM Biathle / Triathle World Championships, Ivy Iverson took 12th place in the Triathle Girls U11 event. She was the first finisher from Team USA, leading Team USA to a Bronze Medal in the Triathle Girls U11 team competition.

Iver Iverson took 17th-place in the Triathle Boys U11 event (competing up one age division), in which Team USA won a Bronze Medal in the team competition.

Kirt Iverson won a Silver Medal in the Triathle Men Masters 40+ event and took third-place in the Men Masters 40+ / Men Masters 50+ Triathle finals.

That brings Wolfpack Pentathlon Club’s medal haul to two with one more day of competition remaining.

Kirt Iverson receives the Silver Medal in the Triathle Men Masters 40+ event at the 2019 UIPM Biathle / Triathle World Championships

Ivy and Iver Iverson of Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Get First Taste of Elite-Level Competition

At the first two days of the 2019 UIPM Biathle / Triathle World Championships, Ivy and Iver Iverson represented Team USA in the U11 Division in the Biathle Mixed Relay and the Triathle Mixed Relay events. At ages 9 and 7, respectively, Ivy and Iver faced athletes who were not only the best in the world, but up to two or three years older than them, and managed to hang in there.

After their second day of competition, Ivy and Iver were congratulated by none other than Janusz Gerard Pyciak-Peciak, individual gold medal winner at the 1976 Olympic Games in Modern Pentathlon (see featured image).

Ivy Iverson hands off to Iver Iverson in the Triathle Mixed Relay event (U11 division) at the 2019 UIPM Biathle / Triathle World Championship.

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Continues Preparations to Host NorCal Laser-Run Championships

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club continued its preparations to host the NorCal Laser-Run Championships, putting on a second informal Laser-Run demonstration at Live Oak Park on Saturday, October 12.

The portable shooting range now includes four shooting stations and is expandable to eight shooting stations with two reserve stations.

UPDATE: Check the team calendar for dates of upcoming events, including our informal practice events!

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Puts on Demonstration Laser-Run Event in Santa Clara, CA

On Sunday, September 22, 2019, Wolfpack Pentathlon Club put on a demonstration Laser-Run event at Live Oak Park in Santa Clara, CA. Wolfpack Pentathlon Club’s portable shooting range allows for head-to-head competition and can be set up almost anywhere in less than an hour. Neighborhood kids and adults had a blast competing against each other on this 200-meter grass course. Check out one of the races here: