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Five Wolfpack Pentathletes Become Champions at the First Annual Wolfpack Regional Pentathlon

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club members dominated across age divisions at the First Annual Wolfpack Regional Pentathlon, which was held on May 9, 2021, at Palo Alto High School in Palo Alto, CA, and Isola Riding Academy in Portola Valley, CA.

In the Youth divisions, Kira Bardin (age 13) was the champion of the Juniors, U19, U17, and U15 female divisions of the Modern Pentathlon and Iver Iverson was the champion of the Modern Pentathlon in the U11 male division.

In the swimming event Kira swam 100 meters in 1:42.03 (converted from short course yards), finishing second overall across all Youth female divisions, and scoring 206 points.

In the fencing event, Kira took second place across all Youth female divisions. And, as the only youth competitor in the riding event, Kira took first place across all Youth divisions and earned 266 points. In the Laser-Run event, Kira ran 2 x 800 meters and cleared 2 x 5 hits at a 10-meter target in a time of 8:59, winning the U15 female division.

Kira’s totals of 1127 points in the U15 female division and 500 points in the Juniors, U19, and U17 divisions were enough to secure her victory across all of those divisions.

Iver Iverson won the U11 male swimming event, swimming 50 meters (converted from short course yards) in 0:48.37, earning 244 points. Iver scored 194 points in the fencing event, winning the U11 male division (uncontested). Iver also won the U11 male laser-run event, running 1 x 400 and clearing 5 hits at a 5-meter target in a time of 2:24, earning 596 points. Iver’s total of 1034 points was enough for him to secure his victory over three other competitors in the U11 male division.

In the Seniors Male division, Kirt Iverson won the Modern Pentathlon, scoring 1196 points (266 fencing, 217 swimming, 300 riding, and 413 laser-run). He also secured wins across the Masters 30+, 40+, and 50+ divisions, scoring 1354 points in those divisions (266 fencing, 248 swimming, 300 riding, and 540 laser-run).

Jeanette Lee won the Modern Pentathlon in the Masters 50+ female division, scoring 471 points (202 fencing, 151 swimming, and 118 laser-run). Jeanette also took first place in the Seniors female fencing event.

Jeffery Deslich won the Modern Pentathlon in the Masters 60+ male division, scoring 763 points (202 fencing, 218 swimming, and 343 laser-run).

For complete results, including results for Modern Tetrathlon and individual events across all divisions, see the results page here:

Kirt Iverson Takes Fifth Place at the 2021 USA Pentathlon World Cup Qualifier

Kirt Iverson of Wolfpack Pentathlon Club finished in fifth place out of the six male competitors invited to compete at the 2021 USA Pentathlon World Cup Qualifier, which was held in Colorado Springs, CO, on February 27-28, 2021.

Two of the top three finishers, Brendan Anderson and Sam Ruddock, will move on to compete in the 2021 World Cup series, where they will attempt to achieve a top 32 world ranking and thus earn a spot on the U.S. Olympic team for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. The first World Cup event will be held in Budapest, Hungary, on March 24-28.

En route to completing his first-ever full Modern Pentathlon, Kirt completed the ride with no penalties and with the second-fastest time. However, last-place finishes in the swimming and fencing competitions put Kirt at a disadvantage going into the laser-run, where he ended the competition in fifth place.

With his points accumulated during the qualifiers, Kirt moved up from 12th to 7th on the U.S. Men’s Ranking List.

Kirt’s next competition will be the U.S. National Championships in Roswell, NM, tentatively scheduled for April 30 – May 2, where he will be joined by at least seven other Wolfpack Pentathlon Club members. Participants will be competing for podium spots in the Youth (U11, U13, U15, U17, and U19), Seniors (21+) and Masters (40+, 50+, and 60+) divisions.

See the results of the 2021 USA Pentathlon Qualifier here:—Sunday

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Will Livestream Portions of USAPM Final Olympic Selection Event on 2/27-2/28/2021

Tune into the Wolfpack Pentathlon Instagram Page on 2/27/2021 and 2/28/2021 for livestreaming of portions of USA Modern Pentathlon’s final Olympic selection event for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics:

The women will be competing on 2/27/2021 and the men, including Wolfpack Pentathlon Club member Kirt Iverson, will be competing on 2/28/2021.

For more information about the event, see today’s USA Pentathlon press release:

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Sets 17 Meet Records at the 2020 Wolfpack Virtual Laser-Run

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club members submitted some amazing results in the 2020 Wolfpack Virtual Laser-Run, including 17 of 27 new meet records established at the event.

Pablo Borceguin established meet records of 13:34.06 and 6:17.53 respectively in the Seniors (Ages 21+) Men Elite Laser-Run and Seniors Men Open Laser-Run events.

In the Youth divisions, Keira Bardin established a meet record of 10:41.23 in the U15 Girls Elite Laser-Run, Reid Bardin established a meet record of 8:43.14 in the U13 Boys Elite/Open Laser-Run, and Iver Iverson established a meet record of 2:58.56 in the U9 Boys Elite/Open Laser-Run.

In the Masters female divisions, Mona Leon set meet records in the Masters Women 40+ Elite Laser-Run and the Masters Women 40+ Open Laser-Run. And Dr. Jeanette Lee set meet records in the Masters Women 50+ Elite Laser-Run and the Masters Women 50+ Open Laser-Run.

In the Masters male divisions, Rene Felix set a meet record in the Masters Men 30+ Elite Laser-Run. Kirt Iverson established meet records in the Masters Men 40+ and 50+ Elite Laser-Run and the 30+, 40+, and 50+ Open Laser-Runs . And Jeffery Deslich established meet records in the Masters Men 60+ Elite and Masters Men 60+ Open Laser-Run.

For the full results and links to videos and photos submitted by the participants, see the event web site:

Inter-Club Competition Heats Up In Last 11 Days of 2020 Wolfpack Virtual Laser-Run

On Sunday, December 20, 2020, two Modern Pentathlon clubs based on the U.S.A. submitted a total of 25 new results for the 2020 Wolfpack Virtual Laser-Run, with their top three females and top three males being counted for team scoring purposes in the Seniors (Ages 21+) Elite Laser-Run event.

Peak Pentathlon took the lead over Wolfpack Pentathlon Club in the Seniors Women Elite Laser-Run event. A snow-covered course in Colorado did not stop three women from Peak Pentathlon from posting the top three times so far this year. Heidi Hendrick set a new meet record of 16:02.54. She was followed closely by Avery Niemann (16:18.87) and Naomi Ross (16:25.31).

In the Seniors Men Elite Laser-Run event, Wolfpack holds the lead over Peak Pentathlon, with Pablo Borceguin holding onto his previously-set meet record of 13:34.06. Barrett Celecki of Peak Pentathlon took second place on the leader board, posting a 13:43.36. Rene Felix and Kirt Iverson of Wolfpack posted times of 14:22.44 and 14:47.00, respectively, taking third and fourth on the leader board. Mark Maguire and Matt Seagrave of Peak Pentathlon posted times of 15:43.57 and 17:11.40, filling out the remaining two times in the team competition for this event.

With 11 days of competition remaining, the team competition is still up for grabs!

The following Wolfpack Pentathlon Club members set new meet records:

  • Pablo Borceguin
    • Seniors Men (Ages 21+) Standard Laser-Run (4 x 400) — 6:17.53
  • Kirt Iverson
    • Masters Men 50+ Standard Laser-Run (2 x 400) — 2:57.31
  • Jeffery Deslich
    • Masters Men 60+ Elite Laser-Run (3 x 400) — 6:53.31
    • Masters Men 60+ Standard Laser-Run (2 x 400) — 4:21.78

The following Peak Pentathlon members set new meet records:

  • Heidi Hendrick
    • Seniors Women (Ages 21+) Elite Laser-Run (4 x 800) — 16:02.54
  • Ryan White
    • Juniors Men (Ages 19-20) Elite Laser-Run (4 x 800) —22:28.30
  • Katia Marusich
    • Juniors Women (Ages 19-20) Elite Laser-Run (4 x 800) —22:34.13

Upon the conclusion of the event, all meet records set by U.S. athletes will be sent to USA Pentathlon for review and possible ratification as American Records. Good luck everyone!

Roy Michael Reyes of Wolfpack Pentathlon Club wore holiday attire for his latest solo attempt in the Seniors Men Standard Laser-Run

Fourteen Meet Records Set on Opening Day of the 2020 Wolfpack Virtual Laser-Run

On Opening Day of the 2020 Wolfpack Virtual Laser-Run, an official Team USA event, Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Members set 14 new meet records, 12 of which remained standing at the end of the day.

In the Seniors Men (Ages 21+) Open Laser-Run (4 x 400), nine race results were submitted, making it the most popular event of the day.

First, Roy Michael Reyes beat his own meet record from last year, posting a time of 7:15.xx. Then, Kirt Iverson established a new meet record of 6:57.80. Finally, Pablo Borceguin established yet another new meet record of 6:27.87. Pablo’s record survived until the end of the day, making him the current meet record holder.

Pablo Borceguin faced off against Rene Felix on the laser-range during his record-setting performance in the Seniors Men Open Laser-Run event.

Here is a list of all of the Wolfpack Pentathlon Club members who hold new meet records:

  • Reid Bardin
    • U13 Boys Standard/Elite Laser-Run (3 x 400) — 8:43.14
  • Kira Bardin
    • U15 Girls Standard Laser-Run (3 x 400) — 7:50.74
  • Alice Twu
    • Seniors Women (Ages 21+) Open Laser-Run (4 x 400) — 8:43.14
  • Pablo Borceguin
    • Seniors Men (Ages 21+) Elite Laser-Run (4 x 800) — 13:34.06
    • Seniors Men (Ages 21+) Open Laser-Run (4 x 400) — 6:27.87
  • Dr. Jeanette Lee
    • Masters Women 50+ Elite Laser-Run (3 x 400) — 8:28.71
    • Masters Women 50+ Open Laser-Run (2 x 400) — 4:49.81
  • Kirt Iverson
    • Masters Men 50+ Elite Laser-Run (3 x 400) — 5:42.36
    • Masters Men 40+ Standard Laser-Run (3 x 400 ) — 5:13.20
    • Masters Men 50+ Open Laser-Run (2 x 400) — 3:21.60
  • Jeffery Deslich
    • Masters Men 60+ Elite Laser-Run (3 x 400) — 7:51.66
    • Masters Men 60+ Open Laser-Run (2 x 400) — 5:04.99

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Members Win Lots of Ribbons at Mock IEA Show

Competing in their first-ever equestrian competition, three members of Wolfpack Pentathlon Club took home a combined total of seven ribbons at yesterday’s Mock IEA Show at Isola Riding Academy in Portola Valley, CA.

First, in 11 & Over Equitation, Kira drew Jessie and won a third-place ribbon in the Walk / Trot class with obstacles and a fourth-place ribbon in the Walk / Trot class without obstacles.

Next, in 10 & Under Equitation, Ivy drew Phoebe and was the Reserve Champion, winning a second-place ribbon in the Walk / Trot class with obstacles and a third-place ribbon in the Walk / Trot / Canter class.

Finally, in 14 & Over Flat Equitation, Kirt drew Bullet and won sixth-place ribbons in the Walk / Trot / Canter class and in the Over Crossrails class.

UIPM Puts on First-Ever Home Laser-Run Competition

The first-ever Home Laser-Run competition was put on by the UIPM on May 4-7, 2020. It was an exciting world-wide event that included qualifying rounds and finals in every age group, with the finals being live-streamed on UIPM TV on May 7.

Coach Kirt Iverson competed in the event as one of the only masters participants from the USA, taking 17th out of 35 in the male 40-59 qualifying rounds.

See the results here:

If You Can Swim and Run, You Should Go to the Olympic Training Center on March 17-21, 2020

If you can show Dr. G., High Performance Director at USA Pentathlon, that you have what it takes–in particular, a combination of running and swimming times that would earn you enough Pentathlon Points (see below) in a Modern Pentathlon competition–he will invite you to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO, for an exclusive training camp on March 17-21, 2020. Accommodations, meals, and training will be provided. You will be responsible only for your airfare.

For women, an example combination of times that satisfies the requirements is 2:15 for the 200-meter swim plus 11:45 for the two-mile run. For men, an example is 2:05 for the 200-meter swim and 10:30 for the two-mile run. For purposes of calculating your score for other combinations: each second in your swim time is equal to two seconds in your run time.

For more information about recruiting efforts of USA Pentathlon, see the USA Pentathlon Team USA web site.

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Members Take Evaluation Lesson at Isola Stables in Portola Valley, CA

On Saturday, February 1, 2020, five members of Wolfpack Pentathlon Club–Dr. Jeanette Lee, Kirt Iverson, Ivy Iverson, Roy Michael Reyes, and Mona Leon (pictured below from left to right)–took a 30-minute evaluation lesson with Andrea Young at Isola Stables in Portola Valley, CA.

If you are interested in joining us for beginner group rides over the next couple of months, please contact Andrea at Isola Riding Academy and schedule your evaluation lesson ($75) as soon as possible!

See for more information.

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Wins Multiple Awards at Placer County Pentathlon

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club had a good showing at the Placer County Pentathlon on Sunday, January 26, 2020. Ivy Iverson scored the second-highest number of Pentathlon points of all competitors at the event and won the U11 girls division (uncontested). Iver Iverson took second-place in the U11 Boys division. Kirt Iverson took third in the Senior (21-39) division and second in the Masters 50+ division. Oliver Iverson won the U15 Boys division (uncontested) after winning the swim and doing well in fencing. Roy Reyes had the fastest time in the Laser-Run out of all competitors and completed the swim for the first time!

Oliver Iverson scored 205 points in the fencing event, setting a new Wolfpack Pentathon Club record.

Ivy Iverson Wins U11 Division at USA Pentathlon Olympic Qualifier #2

At age 9, Ivy Iverson was the youngest competitor at the USA Pentathlon Qualifier #2, winning her U11 age division by default.

As she is not yet certified to compete in the equestrian discipline, Ivy competed in four of the five disciplines, a tetrathlon consisting of swimming, fencing, running, and laser-pistol shooting.

Ivy earned 567 Modern Pentathlon points, including 159 points for the swim (3:15.90 for 200-meters), 124 points for fencing, and 284 points for laser-run (16:56.00).

The event was held at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo on Saturday, 1/18/2020, and was the second of two qualifiers for the U.S. World Cup team. The top four competitors after the qualifiers will go on to compete at the Modern Pentathlon World Cup for a chance to represent Team USA at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Ivy Iverson competes in the Laser-Run at the end of the USA Pentathlon Qualifier #2 event.
Ivy receives helpful advice from elite fencer Naomi Ross during the USA Pentathlon Qualifier #2 event.

Ivy scores one of a handful of double touches during the fencing event of the USA Pentathlon Qualifier #2 event.

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Trains at Golden Gate Fencing Center

On Sunday, December 15, 2019, six members of Wolfpack Pentathlon Club (Roy, Oliver, Marie, Ivy, Iver, and Kirt) attended a Modern-Pentathlon-specific fencing training session for beginners at Golden Gate Fencing Center (GGFC).

Three coaches, including Maureen Griffin, provided information on basic techniques, including taking control of the movement, using the “stop sign,” and using feel to judge distance to opponents.

Participants then competed in a round-robin tournament of one-touch bouts, with Oliver, Roy, and Kirt tying for first place.

Our next training session is scheduled for 1/11 or 1/12 at GGFC. Please contact Coach Kirt if you would like to join us!

Wolfpack Pentathlon Club is training at Golden Gate Fencing Center!