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Ivy and Iver Iverson of Wolfpack Pentathlon Club Get First Taste of Elite-Level Competition

At the first two days of the 2019 UIPM Biathle / Triathle World Championships, Ivy and Iver Iverson represented Team USA in the U11 Division in the Biathle Mixed Relay and the Triathle Mixed Relay events. At ages 9 and 7, respectively, Ivy and Iver faced athletes who were not only the best in the world, but up to two or three years older than them, and managed to hang in there.

After their second day of competition, Ivy and Iver were congratulated by none other than Janusz Gerard Pyciak-Peciak, individual gold medal winner at the 1976 Olympic Games in Modern Pentathlon (see featured image).

Ivy Iverson hands off to Iver Iverson in the Triathle Mixed Relay event (U11 division) at the 2019 UIPM Biathle / Triathle World Championship.